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Steve Welsh's Blog

Welcome to Steve's blog. Hopefully this will, given my time and the availablility of the Internet here in Halogy, reflect the progress of my project in Hungary. By the way if you just put 'Halogy' in Google Earth or Google Maps it will show you exactly where I am - there is only one Halogy on earth (so far). Hint on pronunciation of Halogy: the 'a' is pronounced as a long 'a' as in the way posh people say 'Bath'. The 'gy' is peculiar to Hungarian and is like a short 'j' (almost), or like the consonant sound in the French 'dieu'.

I will start a fresh archive for each month, keeping the old ones in their original position, even if I have to drop them from the navigation.

I will also in each month's blog bottom post all entries. You will soon get used to the idea. It is regarded as being netiquette on newsgroups. I also find it extremely frustrating where you have to scroll down through a blog entry, then scroll up the page to get to the next entry. Bah!!

Anyway, enjoy.


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